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Batman Holyland.

The Secret FYB Society
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Batman Holyland
Welcome to the batmanholyland. This community is locked to include members of fuckyou_batman only. The rest of you GTFO.

Wanna say something positive about Batman fandom? Do it here.
Wanna spork something specific you would feel like a bitch for posting in fuckyou_batman? Do it here.
Wanna tell us what you had for dinner? Do it here.
Wanna talk about how hot Christian Bale, Aaron Eckhart, Heath Ledger, Cillian Murphy, and Adam West are? Do it here.
Wanna ask for tips on how to be a mercenary? Do it here.
Wanna argue over whether or not the mayor is wearing eyeliner (or just has long eyelashes)? Do it here.
Wanna post a picture of your cat? Do it here.
Wanna talk about Macca Fetalitis? WTF? GTFO!

1. Posts are not moderated here. Seriously, I don't care what you post.
2. F-lock everything. No exceptions. We don't want lurks.
3. Tags are optional.
4. Manners are optional. JK be nice we're all friends here.
5. Rule number 6 is the truth.
6. Rule number 5 is a lie.
7. Civil debate is more than welcome. Being a dick? You'll get warned than Azkab7.
8. Sound good?
9. Read this.

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